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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GINGALLEY Visit WPDE NewsChannel 15 Studios - Delivers The News

Chris Gingrich & Jerri Alley of GINGALLEY Web Design & Promotions, along with Chris' niece Carlee Andrews and her friend Michaela Dalton, visited the WPDE NewsChannel 15 Studio yesterday evening.

Ed with Michaela and Carlee
It all started with a comment from Carlee on Ed Piotrowski's Facebook wall.

Carlee said, "I'd like to meet you someday [Ed]."

Ed answered back and said, "You should come to the studio sometime for a tour."

Then, Jerri and Chris quickly chimed in on the thread and said that they wanted to come too!  That they would tag along with Carlee for the tour – so, the date was set!

Upon moving to South Carolina in 2008, Chris and Jerri quickly became fans of Ed Piotrowski and his work as Chief Meteorologist at WPDE.  His delivery of the weather forecast is flawless and his wonderful personality shines through each and every newscast.

"Ed is very knowledgeable and passionate about the weather. You can really tell that he loves what he does.", Chris says.

When Carlee asked Ed if he ever gets nervous on-the-air, Ed said, "not so much anymore.  It's like riding a bike."

Well, it surely shows!  In fact, Ed doesn't rely on teleprompters when he is live on-the-air.  He prepares his forecast and report prior to the newscast.  Then he just goes out there in front of all the cameras and delivers it – without a hitch.

Ed has always been a reliable source to watch when severe weather hits our area.  As we are currently in "Hurricane Season", we will be sure to tune into WPDE should the weather take a turn for the worse.

Ed has won many prestigious awards and is surely deserving of each and every one.     

From Ed's Profile on the WPDE website:
In his 17 years in South Carolina, Ed has been named Best Weathercaster in the state twice by the South Carolina Associated Press, Best of the Beach 11 years in a row, and was nominated for the National Hurricane Center's Media Award for outstanding efforts to educate and inform the public about hurricanes and hurricane preparedness.
Most recently, Ed was voted Best Local Weatherperson by the Weekly Surge Superlatives: Reader's Choice Awards. And, this past week, Ed was busy on his mini-tour of the Grand Strand delivering his informative "Hurricane Preparedness" lectures. 

On top of being a great Weathercaster and genuinely a nice guy, Ed is also an astute Photographer and is getting some quality lessons from one of the area's greats, Phil Lanoue. (If you have ever watched Ed's weather report, then you should know who Phil is.  If not, you can check out some of his pictures- and Ed's of course- on Ed's Facebook page.)

Upon entering the "Weather Command Center" at the studio, we quickly noticed the walls adorned with framed photos of Phil's work which is nothing less than breathtaking.  We spoke briefly about making Ed and Phil websites to display their photography.  A conversation that we will need to continue another day.

The tour of the studio will surely be a memorable one! 

We would like to thank Ed as well as Allyson Floyd, Tim McGinnis, Mark Haggard, Ryan Naquin, and Victoria Spechko for allowing us to sit in on a live recording of the nightly newscast.

See you all at 5 and 11! 

Some more pictures...
Allyson Floyd and Tim McGinnis
Chris Gingrich, Jerri Alley, Michaela Dalton, Carlee Andrews
Ed Piotrowski, Allyson Floyd, Tim McGinnis
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