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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Web Design with a Click of a Button!

Yeah right!  We wish it was that easy.

It would be interesting though to count the amount of mouse clicks and keystrokes that go into designing a website.  My guess would be in the 10's of thousands.

We are fortunate however, in this day and age with the advancement of technology, dynamic software programs, new codes and scripts and our ever-growing knowledge that helps things go a bit faster when designing a website.  But, there is still a lot of work that goes into putting together a great website.  

Completely understanding our Client's business and their target market is key to developing an online presence.  It will ensure a long-lasting relationship with their existing customers and in turn instills their confidence to return as a buyer of the goods presented.

With every new website that we create, we seek out the newest and most advanced methods of getting our Client's message across.  Not only that, at the same time, we try to be competitive with other forms of marketing methods by keeping our client's costs low.  Comparatively speaking, having a website for your company or special project can crush any other form of advertising if done properly – at a lower price and the ability to track your ROI.  Along with a clear message, we are able to help a business gain new customers and leads through their website and grow their business.

So, getting back to the amount of work involved... it's not always so "cut and dry" building a website from scratch.  There is a lot of planning, research, graphics and back-end development that must take place before the very first html or CSS code can be created.

We work closely with each of our Clients to ensure that we hear their message loud and clear before we start anything.  We learn our Client's business so, not only can we speak the same language, we can communicate effectively to their customers.  And, if our Client is "soft spoken" and cannot provide the vital elements that go into their website marketing efforts, we will help push them along to make the message stand out in the crowd.

At GINGALLEY, we have developed our own set of procedures and steps that help us and our Client through the design process.  On our website, you will also find a bundle of information to explain the various terms of web design, graphics and printing.  We have also provided templates for our Print Customers for setting up files and a brand new Video Tutorial Section for our Hosting Customers.

Most of this information can be found under the Resources tab on our website.  But, as usual, don't hesitate to contact us if you have a question or need help with your next web, print or graphic design project!

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